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If you are an Armed Security, would like to obtain your CCH Permit, recently purchased a handgun, or you are looking to purchase a handgun this class is for you. Learn knowledge about your particular gun, learn safe gun handing and defense, get range time with your gun. You can also shoot a variety of handguns before you decide to purchase. If interested, email for details

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4 thoughts on “GET TRAINED!!

  1. Rhonda Johnson says:


    I have recently purchased my first handgun. SW EZ 9mm. I haven’t touched a firearm in a long time. I know I don’t want the CC yet. Want sure about which shooting course would be better

  2. Crystal Hash says:

    I’d like to bring my 14 year old daughter and myself in to learn gun safety and how to shoot properly. I filled out a form for myself but realized I put my dob instead. Do you know the next day for instructions

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