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Gurlz, Gunz & Bunz

Double ” B ” Firearms Academy


640 Broad Rd. Roxboro, NC
Present: Girls, GUNZ & BUNZ 10am-3pm
July 15, 2023,
If you’re a girl, woman, or lady and you are feeling a little nervous about “Getting Trained” in a class with men then this class is for you.
As the name suggests this is a WOMEN ONLY CLASS


The Intro to pistol shooting course is a 4-hour hands-on course consisting of basic handgun fundamentals, safety instruction, and a hands-on practical portion conducted at the range under the guidance and supervision of experienced instructors.
This is an excellent course for beginner shooters and is highly recommended for those who intend on qualifying for their NC Concealed Carry Handgun Certificate.
Our main focus is on handgun safety and proper shooting techniques. Topics in the course include:
• Gun safety rules
• Proper operation of Revolvers & Semi-automatic pistols
• Loading / Unloading
• Proper Storing of Pistols
• Fundamentals of shooting
Shooting Positions
If you don’t own a handgun, we will rent you one for $20 in addition to your registration fee of $55 for the class.
This is a special event, so we are providing Hamburgers, chips, and soft drinks for lunch.
Payment is required in advance to reserve your space in class. Register Here https:/
So come meet new friends, enjoy the day gaining new skills, and most of all:


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